Why Risk the Loss of Your Driving Privilege?

Minimize the impact of a Traffic Violation

Once a traffic ticket goes on the record as a conviction, it is very, very difficult to get it taken off the record.

Why do you Need Help With a Missouri Ticket?

In Missouri, the traffic ticket legal system is based on an adversary system. You are innocent until proven guilty, Missouri Traffic Violation? therefore, most traffic ticket cases can be plea bargained as long as the attorney is ready, willing and able to take a case to trial as it is quite expensive to conduct a trial in a traffic ticket case. The plea bargain, if one is offered, usually involves a guilty plea to a lesser offense to minimize the harmful effects of a conviction on a driver’s record. The state or city will usually ask for a higher fine and court costs, and there might be a period of probation. The end result is no conviction on the record and thereby no insurance increase or points problem or suspension.

How Does Missouri’s "Point System" Work?

If one gets a ticket, a designated number of points is recorded on an individual’s driving record. Speeding tickets, for example, are assessed two points or three points depending on whether it was in violation of a state law or municipal/city ordinance. DWI convictions are eight points for a first offense. Careless driving 2 or 4 points depending on whether the the ticket was issued by the state or a city or county officer.

We can Check on Your Current Points

Holdsworth and Allen has access to driving records and court information, so whenever a client is in need of analysis of his/her driving record, we have access to the information. We can give information as to the number of points, suspensions, convictions, revocations as to Your Driving Record.

Out of State? You still must resolve your Missouri Traffic Violations

Missouri also notifies a non-resident’s home state of any convictions in Missouri. Accordingly, a traffic ticket in Missouri will ultimately show up on your home state’s driving record and that home state will typically treat the ticket the same as if it happened in the home state.