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Collaborative Law Institute of Missouri
The Collaborative Law Institute of Missouri, Inc. is an organization comprised of attorneys trained in the innovative process of Collaborative Family Law. The attorneys who are members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Missouri, Inc. have agreed to abide by specific rules of conduct and procedures in a limited representation when undertaking a collaborative Law approach to resolving family disputes. As a lawyer in a Collaborative Family Law case, the members are committed to resolving family disputes through non-adversarial procedures.
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International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
• Discover the benefits of collaborative solutions for marriage dissolution, child custody and co-parenting, Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit issues, division of assets, and more
• Learn how Collaborative Divorce/Collaborative Practice offers guidance, information, and respectful problem solving
• Understand how to better manage the effects of divorce on your children
• Locate collaborative legal, financial, and emotional support resources for family and civil dispute

Collaborative Divorce Kansas City
Collaborative Divorce Kansas City is a network of divorce attorneys, financial analysts and coaches with a transforming vision to resolve divorce in Kansas City affordably, respectfully, transparently, privately and without court or casualty.
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Collaborative What? – by Mark E. Allen and Peter M. Schloss
March 2005 – William E. Shull, President Andrea P. Bolstad, Vice President
November 2005 – William E. Shull, President Andrea P. Bolstad, Vice President
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Clay County Circuit Court
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Missouri Courts
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